“Why Gender Matters” by Leonard Sax, M.D., PH.D.

As a mom and now a grandmother who had a long run as a high school English/history teacher, I found the genesis of Leonard Sax’s “Why Gender Matters” compelling. Recent research shows that girls and boys literally see and hear the world differently. A girl’s retina is built differently from a boy’s retina. There is a variation in their hearing as well. These differences impact both educational approaches as well as parenting of the two sexes. As a family physician and psychologist, Sax provides tips on how to deal with a wide range of issues including school learning and aversion, drug use, aggression, and risk taking. Sax contends that gender is more fundamental to learning than age. “There are no differences in what girls and boys learn, but there are big differences in the best way to teach them.”

Thursday, 27 May 2010 10:21 PM


  1. Michael says:

    Ich verstehe den zweiten Absatz nicht ganz, kannst du ihn bitte nochmal erklären?

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